Data handling

InfoStat has advanced data management system that allows a high level of productivity. The data is organized in tables that can be loaded manually or by importing data formats widely accepted as Excel 2003, text, dbf and Epiinfo. The size of the tables is limited only by available memory. Tables support the functions allowing copy and paste to transfer data to and from other applications. InfoStat tables allow three basic types of variables: Numerical, Categorical and Dates. It is possible to transform to uni-or multivariate format according to the need for analysis. Tables can be sorted by multiple criteria and cases selectively enabled or disabled to participate or not in the calculations. You can apply formulas to generate new columns or replace existing. The Transformation menu  implements commonly used transformations. Numeric variables can be categorized and categorical ones edited. The functions to concatenate tables laterally and vertically facilitate the construction of combined databases from different data sources.