General characteristics

InfoStat is a statistical program developed in the Windows environment that offers an advanced interface for data management and statistical analysis. It allows importing and exporting databases in Paradox , text, dbase, Excel and EpiInfo formats. It has quick access tools for data management such as sorting, merging tables, filtering cases according to multiple criteria, editing of formulas, classify and categorize variables and generating random variables. Data, results and graphs can easely be copied to or from other Windows applications.

The User's Manual (distributed in electronic format), includes a description to all the procedures available in InfoStat and contains illustrative examples showing how to get the results and suggestions on the their interpretation. The data used in the examples are included with the distribution of InfoStat.  InfoStat is characterized by its simplicity and its power as a tool for statistical calculation. The origin of this statistical software (university) has printed on it a special style as a teaching tool that makes it especially useful for the development of undergraduate and graduate courses. The release of the free version for students in 2009 makes it possible for teachers and students organizing their teaching and learning activities in freedom.